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Really Living - With Assistance

We are citizens of Meraki Assisted Living. A radical culture of care with our residents at the center of everything we do. We’re committed to ensuring full lives of dignity, respect and meaning. This is intelligent, personalized living assistance in a loving, residential home.

Discover Meraki Life

We're More Than A Hot Meal

Providing delicious meals and accurately administering proper medications on time should be a given for any assisted living place. But nursing home environments, as well as large, congregate care facilities can be unreliable delivering even these most basic services. At Meraki Assisted Living, we do all the things you expect, and more.

We Are United Around You!

Residents. Family members. Care Partners.

We are all focused on one person: you – our Meraki resident. You are the center of our world!

Our Care Partners and staff are united by a great passion for serving others. You’ll see it reflected in everyday life and how we interact with each resident.

We do more than simply ensure medications are given properly and at the right time, or provide a hot meal. All of us are intensely interested in getting to know each of you as an individual – someone with likes and dislikes; with needs and wants; with hopes and fears.

It’s our mission to craft a life of great passion for each resident by attending to their whole being.

Fast Fact

It is not the amount of social contact that decreases loneliness/depression, but the quality of relationships.

Meraki Is About Caring For Your Soul

Meraki is a Greek word, meaning: to do something with great love, passion or soul. At Meraki Assisted Living, we are passionate about caring for the whole being of others. We pour ourselves in our work, and we love to get to know our residents. Each one has a unique life story, and beautiful gifts. This belief underpins the development of our approach to their well-being, and our daily interactions.

Every resident comes to us with a different past and unique life experiences that shape who they are today. We meet them where they are – with what they need – today.

We see each person as an individual, respecting their past and caring for them in the present.

We Believe Wellness Is Multi-Dimensional

We believe that wellness is multi-dimensional, holistic, and goes beyond symptom management. This drives our care plans, and our everyday interactions with our residents. We’re aware of how each person is feeling, what their needs are today, how to help them process information, or try something new.

This attentive care is only possible in our small-care environment where our staff-to-resident ratio is unmatched, and our passion for a radical approach to assisted living is unparalleled.

When Your Loved One Is Well Cared For, It's Transformational

We know it’s stressful to care for someone who is declining or living with challenges. You try so hard to help and do everything you can to ensure their needs are met. You give of your own personal time, your finances, your energy. Everyday we encounter spouses and family members who tell us they are exhausted and overwhelmed. They don’t want to let go of the care of their loved one, and yet they know they can’t continue.

We’ve been there. We know the struggle. And we’ve heard stories from many family members of how Meraki Assisted Living has changed their life. Not just the life of the resident, but of the family member as well. When your loved one is well cared for, you can let go, and once again become the spouse, the daughter, the son, the friend.

Meraki life is transformational. For everyone.